Hockey Ireland COVID-19 UPDATE No. 7 regarding Return to Hockey

  • Jun 19,2020

19 June 2020

From Monday 22nd of June clubs can start reduced activities and skill training in instances where the club can comply with the Hockey Ireland issued protocols and Government regulations as part of Step 2 of the return to hockey.

All clubs must appoint at least one Covid-19 Compliance Officer (CVO) prior to the return to activity. A CVO must be registered with the club’s provincial branch and the clubs must declare that the protocols and regulations are fully understood and complied with before starting any activity. 


Hockey Ireland and its Branches have a strong commitment to the safety and welfare of the community, and this should be the paramount consideration in determining return to play by the clubs. We reiterate that the ability of the club to comply with the protocols and regulations should determine when the clubs are ready to return and this should not be accelerated solely as a consequence of decisions by Hockey Ireland, the Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to ease restrictions.

Further relaxation may allow us to amend the protocols as we move forward. However, where restrictions are relaxed, we ask Clubs to keep activities within the existing protocol until further guidance is issued from Hockey Ireland.


During Step 2 the following will apply:

  • Clubs should ensure that the travel distance restrictions under Government Regulations are enforced.
  • Activities will only be allowed for small groups as outlined in the Hockey Ireland protocol which has been issued to Clubs.
  • Social distancing rules should be adhered to at all times.
  • Hockey activities will be limited to outdoor activity only.
  • Clubs should have a mechanism for contact tracing participants. i.e. a booking system, log etc.
  • Individuals who are unwell should not participate in their sport.
  • Clubs should appoint Covid-19 Compliance Officer(s) and are advised to apply checklists for their club activity to ensure consistent compliance with Hockey Ireland protocols.
  • Caution is advised for those who intend to engage in high intensity training following a recovery from COVID-19. Individuals should seek medical advice prior to a return to training.
  • Club House and toilet/changing room facilities should remain closed. If closure is not possible, participants should monitor facility usage ensuring a 1-in-1-out approach is adopted.
  • Competition is not allowed.

The full Return to Play Protocol can be found by going to

This webpage will also contain the following:

  • A detailed description of the CVO’s role and responsibilities
  • A Hockey Ireland COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Guidance Template
  • A Club Declaration to be signed and returned prior to any hockey activity taking place
  • A Sample Participant Health Questionnaire
  • Useful COVID-19 related signage for around your club or facility.

Hockey Ireland COVID19 Update 7. Return to Play.pdf