Tricks 4 Sticks Funding 2018

  • Jan 24,2018

Hockey Ireland is delighted to launch Tricks 4 Sticks funding 2018 to help support our clubs in growing their participation numbers. 

In 2017 alone, Tricks 4 Sticks was delivered in 20 clubs all around Ireland, and introduced over 3000 children to hockey. Thanks to the funding, 250 new umpires and coaches were trained up through the Young Hockey Leaders Award.

Supported by the Sport Ireland's Women in Sport and Dormant Accounts Funding, Tricks 4 Sticks sends a qualified hockey coach into local schools for an agreed number of weeks. Representing your club, the coach delivers a fantastic high energy hockey programme and creates links to your club. At the end of the programme the pupils are invited to visit your club grounds whilst the school also receives a ‘Tricks 4 Sticks pack’ to encourage them to continue playing hockey.

In 2018 we are also focusing on upskilling club coaches, as well as training Young Hockey Leaders within Tricks 4 Sticks clubs. 

Benefits of Tricks 4 Sticks

  • Increased youth membership numbers in your club
  • Hockey Ireland covers the cost of coaching in schools
  • Long-lasting links with local Primary and Secondary schools in your area are created through Tricks 4 Sticks
  • Club receives best practice on how to structure an effective schools programme through guidelines and coaching session plans
  • Club receives best practice on catering for children at club open days
  • Access to a Stepping Stones course (Phase 1 or Phase 2) for participating clubs
  • Access to a Young Hockey Leaders Award course
  • Access to funding to help with a club event related to the programme

For more information on Tricks 4 Sticks, or to apply for the funding, please click here