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  • 1 Shane O'Donoghue at Eurohockey Championships
  • 1 Ireland Line up
  • 1 Kirk Shimmins at Eurohockey Championships- Bronze Medal Match
  • 1 Women's Senior Cup Final 2015
    Ulster Elks...
  • 1 Men's Senior Cup Final 2015
  • 1 David Harte Wins GK of Tournament at Eurohockey Championships
  • 1 Emma Smyth celebrates IRL v SPA July 2014
  • 1 Coach Ned Fulton and GK David Harte
  • 1 Women's Senior Cup Final 2015
  • 1 Green Machine Win European Bronze Medal
  • 1 Ireland Women v Scotland Nov. 2014
  • 1 Coach Ned Fulton
    Coach Ned...
  • 1 Men's Senior Cup Final 2015
  • 1 Green Machine Qualify For Rio
  • 1 Ireland Captain Megan Frazer
Queen's Univeristy In Eurohockey Action 12/02/2016
The best of luck to Queen's University Belfast HC who are competing in Eurohockey indoor action! At the Eurohockey...

Venues for the EY Champions Trophy Finals + EYHL Play-offs 08/02/2016
As the business end of the season in both the EYHL and also the Provincial Leagues approaches, the venues for...

Men's EY Hockey League Round Up 07/02/2016
Men’s EY Hockey League – day 10 round-upMikey Watt’s 39th minute goal saw Lisnagarvey claim a crucial 1-...

Women's EY Hockey League Weekend Round Up 07/02/2016
Women’s EY Hockey League  - week 12 round-upRailway Union, Pegasus and UCD progressed their claims for...

Irish Senior Cup & Irish Junior Cup - Semi Final Fixtures 03/02/2016
The final cup draws for both the Men's and Women's Irish Senior Cup & Irish Junior Cup semi-finals took...

2016-02-06EY Hockey League - Ladies
Ards 1 vs2 Hermes Hockey Club@Londonderry Park
Railway Union 2 vs1 UCC@Park Avenue
Ulster Elks 1 vs3 Cork Harlequins@UUJ
Greenfields 1 vs5 UCD@Dangan
Pembroke Wanderers 1 vs2 Pegasus@Serpentine Avenue
2016-01-31EY Hockey League - Ladies
UCC 0 vs3 Hermes Hockey Club@The Mardyke
2016-01-30EY Hockey League - Ladies
Pembroke Wanderers 2 vs0 Greenfields@Serpentine Avenue
2016-01-27EY Hockey League - Ladies
Ards 2 vs0 Ulster Elks@Londonderry Park
2016-01-23EY Hockey League - Ladies
Pegasus 2 vs1 Ards@Queens University
Cork Harlequins 0 vs3 Railway Union@Harlequins Park
Pembroke Wanderers 3 vs1 Ulster Elks@Serpentine Avenue
Hermes Hockey Club 4 vs0 UCD@St Andrews College
UCC 2 vs1 Greenfields@The Mardyke
2015-12-19EY Hockey League - Ladies
Greenfields 0 vs3 Pegasus@Dangan
Hermes Hockey Club 2 vs1 Railway Union@St Andrews College
UCC 3 vs1 Cork Harlequins@The Mardyke
UCD 2 vs0 Pembroke Wanderers@Belfield Water
2015-12-13EY Hockey League - Ladies
UCD 3 vs1 Ards@Belfield Water
2015-12-12EY Hockey League - Ladies
Cork Harlequins 7 vs0 Greenfields@Garryduff
Pembroke Wanderers 0 vs0 Railway Union@Serpentine Avenue
Ulster Elks 1 vs2 Pegasus@UUJ
2015-12-12EY Hockey League - Men
Pembroke Wanderers 0 vs1 Glenanne@Serpentine Avenue
2015-12-05EY Hockey League - Ladies
Ards 0 vs2 Cork Harlequins@Londonderry Park
Railway Union 1 vs0 Pegasus@Park Avenue
Hermes Hockey Club 5 vs1 Pembroke Wanderers@St Andrews College
2015-11-22EY Hockey League - Ladies
UCD 2 vs0 Cork Harlequins@UCD
Greenfields 0 vs5 Railway Union@Dangan
Pembroke Wanderers 4 vs1 Ards@Serpentine Avenue
Hermes Hockey Club 3 vs1 Ulster Elks@St Andrews College
Pegasus 3 vs1 UCC@Queens Playing Fields
2015-11-21EY Hockey League - Ladies
Pegasus 4 vs1 UCD@Queens University
Railway Union 2 vs2 Ulster Elks@Park Avenue
Ards 3 vs1 UCC@Londonderry Park
Greenfields 0 vs4 Pembroke Wanderers@Dangan
Hermes Hockey Club 3 vs0 Cork Harlequins@St Andrews College
2015-11-14EY Hockey League - Ladies
Railway Union 2 vs3 Hermes Hockey Club@Park Avenue
Cork Harlequins 2 vs0 UCC@Harlequins Park
Pegasus 4 vs0 Greenfields@Queens University
Ulster Elks 2 vs0 Ards@UUJ
Pembroke Wanderers 2 vs5 UCD@Serpentine Avenue

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